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Which food marketing activities return the best ROI?

Ever wondered which food marketing activities return the best ROI?

We recently ran the numbers on an integrated campaign involving social media management and advertising, influencer relations, public relations and digital advertising on a supermarket platform and the results… frankly weren’t that surprising.

Of course PR returned the best ROI with a 75:1 return on investment(!) Second in value was influencer relations, followed by social media advertising, then management, and not surprising the supermarket advertising platform returned the least.

Each marketing activity served a purpose, for example organic community management on social media offered a deeper form of brand engagement that went beyond the numbers, inspiring followers with ways to consume, together with reasons to choose the product over a competitor’s, however we were more than a little bit pleased to report that traditional media relations is still the best way to reach the masses, all the while building brand integrity and trust.

If you’re interested to know which marketing activities will give you the best bang for buck don’t hesitate to give us a call, we would be happy to put together a results-focussed recommendation for you that meets your budget.

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