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FMCG Social Media Marketing

We are experts in social media marketing and know how to utilise various social media platforms to connect with consumers. We take a PR lens to social media where we “earn” the eyeballs through clever content that cuts through the noise to engage your community and grow your audience. Our innovative campaigns are designed to increase brand awareness, boost engagement and generate sales.

Revolutionising Food Brands on Social Media

Social media is a critical part of FMCG marketing, allowing brands to connect directly with consumers in real time with targeted content to build brand awareness and increase sales. Our unique approach to social media marketing for food and beverage brands comes from 20 years of experience and insights that sets us apart from the rest. We have worked on everything from mangoes to muesli and from burgers to beer. We know the nuances of the social media landscape and can help you get bang for your buck when bringing your brand to life online.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

We offer a range of social media marketing services to help FMCG brands tell compelling stories that communicate their values and promote their products to a wider audience.

Social Media Strategy

We tailor social media strategies that define your message, identify your target audience, set goals and showcase awesome content across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond.

Content Creation

It’s all about sharp and engaging content these days and no-one knows how to get a key message across in 7 seconds like us. We produce images, videos, recipes and other content to make your FMCG brand pop.

Community Management

We do the legwork for you from monitoring your accounts 24/7 to informing, entertaining and engaging with your community. We know when to post, how often to post and how to keep the conversation flowing.

Influencer Collaborations

We have solid relationships with content creators across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok who we work with to deliver engaging campaigns that offer real value to everyone involved.

Social Media Advertising

We amplify our social media management with sophisticated advertising strategies that stretch the budget as far as possible to increase brand awareness and sales.

Analytics and Reporting

We use sophisticated software programs to analyse performance, highlight tangible results and gather intel for future campaigns.

Tailored Social Media Strategies for Food and Beverage Brands

We specialise in creating bespoke social media strategies for FMCG brands in the food and beverage industry. We apply modern, interesting and engaging strategies that work to successfully drive engagement, grow your audience and, ultimately, increase sales.

Our Social Media Marketing Success Stories

Don’t just take it from us, here’s what our clients have to say about our social media marketing expertise:

Engaging Content, Measurable Results

As a social media agency specialising in FMCG brands, we create engaging content that translates into measurable results and product sales.

Deep dive to develop the strategy


Content creation


Scheduling – organic and advertising campaigns


Ongoing management and reporting


Maximising Engagement and Conversion

Our social media strategies work to engage your audience and focus on converting engagement into tangible business outcomes.

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Average reach uplift vs
in-house management

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Average impressions
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Average reach per piece
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Average number of consumers reached per campaign

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FAQs: Your Social Media Marketing Questions Answered

How do we get started? First we get to know you and your brand. We want to understand your needs and wants, your challenges and opportunities. From there we conduct our own research and then develop a comprehensive strategy to take your brand to the next level.

What makes our social media strategies effective for FMCG brands?

Content is king. We produce engaging content that performs well organically, then apply complex advertising strategies to amplify the content to the masses.

What’s involved in a typical social media campaign?

Most campaigns involve strategy, content creation, scheduling, community management, advertising and influencer outreaches.

What’s the benefit of working with an agency v’s in-house?

By resourcing your socials properly, you have a dedicated team applying their knowledge and skills to growing your social media presence. We see it a bit like a mum and dad investor v’s a team of experienced fund managers working on your portfolio every single day to maximise your investment.

Do you manage the whole process?

Yes. We manage the entire social media management end-to-end from strategy, content creation, scheduling, approvals, community management and reporting. We aim to on take as much of the leg work as possible so that all our client needs to do is approve our concepts (and maybe send us a bit of stock from time to time).

What is the approval process?

We collaborate closely with clients depending on the various formalities of the organisation, sometimes it’s a tonne of content scheduled in great detail months in advance, other times is a quick thumbs up on a WhatsApp group chat.

How much time do I need to commit?

Very little, we take as much of the leg work out of the process as possible, so all you need to do is approve the strategic direction and scheduling. At the begging of the campaign we setup a FAQs of common customer questions to ensure consistency in the messaging, however occasionally we will get a totally random customer question in which case we would just drop you a quick text.

Do you monitor 24/7?

Yes, we have alerts setup to notify us of community comments within seconds and we respond very quickly so the algorithm sees how engaged we are (and thus shows our content to more people).

What happens if something goes wrong?

In addition to our vast social media experience, we also have an in-house crisis and issues management team who are ready to help navigate the entire comms strategy should an issue arise.

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