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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing we know that there’s digital and then there’s digital. It’s one thing to have the technical skills to deliver a digital campaign but it’s quite another to have the soul and creativity to make it resonate and really speak to the consumer. 

Here at Grapevine we pair left brain PR creativity with right brain tech expertise to offer bulletproof campaigns that work to get your brand seen by the masses in a memorable way.

Customised Approach to Digital Marketing

We manage the entire process from end to end, taking an earned media lens to the work to ensure that the campaigns creatively resonate with the consumer, whilst also ticking all of the technical mechanics at the back end.

At a technical level, we offer the full suite of digital marketing services from Google search and banner ads through to social media management and advertising, online media buying as well as dedicated SEO campaigns backed by solid copywriting and keyword research.

If you’re looking for an experienced agency to deliver a memorable digital marketing campaign that will make your budget stretch as far as possible, get in touch today.

FAQs: Digital Marketing

What digital services do you offer?

From social media management and advertising through to Google search, banner ads and online media buying we cover the full gamut of digital options, depending on what the project requires.

Do you also produce the content for the digital advertising campaigns?

What does the creative process look like?

What does the creative process look like?

A lot of it is intuitive, based on years of experience and understanding of the consumer psyche and what resonates. We start with the brand’s goals, and then look at the wants and needs of its target audiences to connect the two and demonstrate why the brand deserves the consumer’s attention.

How do you charge?

We tend to work with clients on an ongoing retained basis in order to guarantee the momentum achieved when working together long-term.

Do you work with a client’s preferred agency partners?

In order to guarantee the success of a project, we always prefer to manage the projects end-to-end ourselves. When it comes to bringing in specialist expertise, our preference is to work with our people. An Agency’s strength lies in its contacts and from stylists to cameraman to printing partners – we have gathered the best in the game over the past two decades so we are often reluctant to compromise on quality partners.

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