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Grapevine is an FMCG marketing agency with more than 20 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry. We have cultivated a reputation as an agency that delivers outstanding outcomes for our clients. We specialise in integrated marketing campaigns that incorporate PR, social media, events and content creation that deliver the types of ROI that other agencies would say is not possible.

We’re Experts in FMCG Marketing

An integrated marketing strategy is critical in getting your FMCG brand to stand out in a competitive market. We are a highly experienced team with our finger on the pulse. We work with food and beverage businesses to raise brand awareness and increase sales through bespoke marketing strategies focussing on PR, social media, events and content creation.

FMCG Services

We offer a range of specialised marketing services that we tailor to grow your brand in market.

PR Services

We help FMCG brands strategically and effectively communicate their offering through media and influencer relations.

Social Media

We manage all aspects of a brand’s social media presence from strategy to community management and complex advertising strategies.

Photography & Videography

Our photography and videography services carefully capture the unique essence of a brand’s values.

Product Launches

We can tell you where your dollars are best spent to reach the most eyeballs in a memorable way for your FMCG product launch.

Content Creation

We produce images, videos, recipes and other graphics to create stunning visual representations of your food and beverage brand, paired with punchy content that resonates.

Customised FMCG Marketing Strategies

Our bespoke marketing strategies are tailored to each brand’s needs. This fully customisable approach enables us to pinpoint the most effective marketing solution for your brand based on our 20 years’ of experience in the food and beverage industry. We are results-focused and have a solid record of growing emerging brands into supermarket leaders on very conservative budgets.

Grapevine’s Success Stories and Testimonials

Over 20 years we have worked with leading food and beverage brands including Carman’s, Emma & Tom’s, Grill’d, Jalna and more.

Digital Dominance in FMCG

We will amplify your brand’s digital presence to reach a wide target audience with compelling messaging that resonates. Studies show people spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on social media, which means a strong digital presence is imperative for FMCG brands to grab the attention of their target market.

Deep dive to work out what you need and the best next steps.


Internal strategy workshop to develop the strategy.


Strategy refinement


Presentation of your bespoke marketing strategy based on our decades of food and beverage experience working with brands just like yours.


Engagement and Conversion Focus

Our marketing strategies are designed to engage your target audience and, ultimately, convert brand interest to sales. Our campaigns feature compelling messages, engaging visuals and strong call to actions.

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FAQs: Your Questions Answered

How do we get started? First we get to know you and your brand. We want to understand your needs and wants, your challenges and opportunities. From there we conduct our own research and then develop a comprehensive strategy to take your brand to the next level.

What does the initial engagement process look like?

Following a set brief and budget, we will put together a customised strategy that’s tailored to your needs as part of a series of meetings where crystalise the best strategy for your brand across PR, Social Media, Influencer Relations, Content and Advertising.

Do you charge for your strategy service?

Yes we charge a nominal amount for our strategies that is a loss leader against the costs of our expert staff working on a bespoke strategy for your brand. If you sign on with us to deliver the campaign the cost of the strategy becomes a discount against the campaign fees, if not, then you own the copyright to execute the ideas as you see fit.

What marketing channel offers the best budget ROI for FMCG brands?

In our experience you can’t go past traditional bread and butter PR, however we’re also seeing very strong metrics on our influencer engagement campaigns, as well as our social media advertising programs.

What detail should an FMCG brief entail?

The brand positioning, goals of the exercise, an idea of what specific outcomes you are looking for, your target audience, your brands distribution channels, marketing activities that have and have not worked in the past, the decision making process to move forward and what are the long-term goals of the business overall.

Do you help support supermarket listings?

We are often asked to create a strategy for a supermarket buyer presentation/range review. We offer a dedicated strategic service for this exact purpose offering an omnichannel approach across PR, social media, influencers, advertising, experiential and everything in between. What’s more, we know what works (and what doesn’t) and we bring two decades of industry knowledge to the table to make the biggest impact possible.

What marketing activity offers the best ROI?

We have done a lot of analysis work for clients over the years and hands down PR offers the best bang for buck. Influencer marketing can also be very effective, as can social media advertising and management, however of course it depends on the brand and the business goals, and we take all of that into account as part of our strategy offering.

How far in advance do you need to be briefed?

As early as possible, ideally we would begin six months ahead of the supermarket launch date in order to undertake the strategic deep dive and begin reaching out to long lead media, talking to brand ambassadors etc.

How much budget do I need to work with Grapevine?

We offer a range of services for budgets ranging from $20k to $20M. It’s best to finalise internally the campaign budget and brief so that we can ensure that our recommendations are right for the scale of the investment. It’s kind of like shopping for an engagement ring, the jeweller is going to recommend very different solutions for different customers, so it’s best to start with a predetermined budget and a set of clear goals and outcomes and work back from there.