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TikTok for food businesses

It still amazes us when we suggest a foodie client considers a TikTok presence how many times we are told ‘The TikTok audience is too young for us’ or ‘Our brand is too premium to be on TikTok’.

Interesting because Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani and Georg Jensen are all on TikTok, as is Australia’s Country Road, which has a core target audience of middle-aged women.

TikTok has just taken over Google as the number one search engine in the world, and unlike the Facebook Meta offering, videos on TikTok still have the ability to organically ‘go viral’, offering the type of growth for brands that Instagram offered 10 years ago, before it became a heavily monetised advertising platform.

NOW is the time to be getting on TikTok while we are still in the golden era of rapid growth, and your food brand has the opportunity to be a part of this growth trajectory.

Be prepared the content required is different – in a foodie context the videos are less polished and more humanised, they are often hack-based, shorter and more sensory however TikTok offers the ability to look at your brand with a fresh lens, and to have a lot more fun with it!

If you’re not yet on TikTok and you would like to learn more about what a presence would look like for your food brand, give us a call – we are TikTok obsessed atm so we would be delighted to chat…

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