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FMCG Facebook Marketing

The way we see it is that Facebook is the dark horse of the social media set, however as a leading Facebook advertising agency we know that when harnessed correctly, this dark horse can become a unicorn.

Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to online sales and brand resonance, the communities are incredibly strong and the eyeballs are often the most engaged of all of the platforms. We are deeply entrenched in this medium and therefore understand all of the nuances of the platform and its users, we know why they’re here and what they’re after and we make sure that the content we develop for our clients really speaks to them.

We work across both the organic and paid sides of Facebook, however unlike a typical ad agency, we don’t use organic content to advertise ‘at’ the Facebook audiences. Our roots are in PR and therefore we take an earned media lens to our organic content to ‘earn’ the eyeballs and speak to the consumer in a way that addresses what’s in it for them, first and foremost and then we weave our brand’s messaging back from that. There is a time and a place for brand-led advertising creative and the grid is definitely not the place.

Compared to other agencies our engagement is off the charts because of this earned media approach, that’s balances authenticity, integrity and excitement!

We pair this earned media approach with complex advertising strategies that work to first earn, then amplify, ensuring the advertising dollars go as far as possible. Facebook wants the user to have the best possible experience and in light of this, the better the ad content, the further the spend goes, so it’s worth investing in quality content from the outset, as it will pay for itself in spades in terms of mass reach at the other end.

Mastering Facebook Engagement for FMCG Brands

As a platform Facebook is a significant building block of any brand, given the depth and engagement the platform offers. Facebook is an incredibly personal platform and our targeted approach helps brands cut through the noise in a deeply human way to reach and really resonate with a highly engaged audience.

Our Facebook Marketing Services

From rockstar content creation to complex advertising strategies, we manage the entire Facebook presence for a long list of FMCG brands and bring this experience to every new campaign that we work on.

We have teams across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and operate on a national level to represent FMCG brands across the entire retail landscape.

We take a highly granular approach to every campaign we work on, tailoring our strategies to incorporate audience analysis and customised engagement techniques, paired with highly transparent reporting based on engagement, reach and sales.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Custom Facebook Strategies for Food and Beverage Brands

Our specialist roots in food and beverage marketing enable us to deliver highly bespoke Facebook marketing strategies that are clearly designed to maximise brand engagement, drive trial and sales conversions.

Crafting Engaging Facebook Content

We are dedicated to the creation of captivating content that’s specifically designed for a Facebook audience. We craft our messaging with all of the little nuances of the platform and its people in mind, in order to really speak to each of the audience segments.

Driving Conversion Through Targeted Facebook Ads

We combine demographic, interest and behaviour data with our experience and intuition to create compelling ads that convert. From A/B testing to look alike audiences and retargeting techniques, our ads are aways learning.. Meta advertising is a work-in-progress and our attention to the analytics is what drives strategy refinement and an ever increasing ROI.

FAQs: Answering Your Facebook Marketing Queries

With the launch of new platforms like Instagram and TikTok, is Facebook still relevant for FMCG brands?

When it comes to reaching users on a mass scale Facebook cannot be overestimated. Meta is an absolute marketing powerhouse and we recommend considering Facebook as part of any FMCG marketing mix.

What’s the best way to maximise the platform?

Essentially it comes down to two things – know the platform and know the audience…. Like really intimately. This deep understanding of the audience and what they’re looking for is what should define your Facebook marketing strategy across content, community engagement, influencer relations and advertising.

What would a typical Facebook campaign look like?

It starts with a brief, about your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. From there we look at how we match these goals to the goals of Facebook users, and this is where the magic lies,, in the win-win.
It takes commitment to quality content, being human, and genuinely loving your audiences. There’s work in the initial setup (at our end, not yours) but once this foundation is built the results are instant and obvious.

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