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We all know that content is king and this has never been more true as we see how high calibre, authentic content can influence culture across the entire social media landscape.

The need for quality content on a mass level is getting greater by the day, and we have a built a solid A Team within the agency that is equipped to create visually arresting video and still content, together with powerful copy that resonates.

From in-house photographers, food stylists and recipe creators, through to talented graphic designers, videographers and even grass roots TikTok extraordinaires we have the ability to pull together first class content that is bang on messaging in a heartbeat.

Every content marketing agency knows that failing to invest in quality content to underpin a social media ad campaign is like buying a Ferrari and putting cheap fuel in it.

With the right ‘fuel’ your advertising budget will stretch as far as possible and we have a proven track record of creating amazing content that secures the best possible mileage for every dollar spent online.

We know that quality content is the key to going viral and making your advertising budget stretch as far as possible.

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Crafting Compelling Stories for FMCG Brands

The world of marketing has changed and the old spray and pray approach no longer applies. Brands can no longer rely on a single key message that’s advertised at scale to a mass audience. Instead, brands need to have a variety of meanings that are each relevant to a variety of audiences. This is where a variety of content comes in, each customised to the needs of a particular audience set. The appetite that consumers have for brand storytelling is more pronounced than ever and having an ever-evolving library of quality content is the only way to achieve relevance in a way that resonates with the individual consumer.

This share of voice is achieved by pairing creative storytelling with complex content strategies that work to set FMCG brands apart in the market, so that each has a distinctive meaning to the individual shopper.

Grapevine has more than two decades of experience telling brand stories through a variety of mediums from traditional to social media, and this earned media lens is what will always set us apart as a leading content marketing agency.

Our Content Creation Services

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Bespoke Content Strategies for FMCG Brands

When it comes to making quality content that resonates, we know that the most human brands are the most memorable. This clear understanding of how to speak to the hearts and minds of consumers is what sets Grapevine apart as Sydney’s leading content marketing agency.

This deep level brand engagement works to address the ‘why’ in the minds of consumers, in a way that makes sense to them, leading to long-term consumer loyalty.

Engaging Content, Tangible Impact

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campaign reach

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Boosting Engagement and Sales Through Content

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Average reach for a
10x video shoot

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FAQs: Content Creation

How do you produce the massive amounts of content required for TikTok?

We use a combination of quarterly shoots, existing client assets, repurposed content,,on-the-fly videos and a library of stills in order to produce a variety of content based on core content pillars that are unique to each brand’s audience.

Over the years we have developed an A Team of content producers who work on the various elements required to produce the content – from shoot planning and delivery through to content editing and production.

How do you produce content that goes viral?

When it comes to going viral on social media, there isn’t always a clear logic around what goes viral and what doesn’t, however there are tricks that can help to sure up video content, such as focusing on the first second to ‘grab’ the viewers’ attention, When we create content for social media we focus on all of these small nuances to give the content the best shot at jumping out of the gates.

What’s the average ROI we can expect on the content produced?

We average a 25:1 ROI on social media content that is launched organically then amplified through a responsive advertising strategy; It’s amazing what can be achieved on social media with limited budgets if the content is high quality, it really does make your marketing budget stretch so much further.

What’s involved in a content shoot?

We start with what’s trending on socials, and what the audience wants, then we work back to weave in our client product into the trends. Everyone on the project has input into what the videos should be – we put forward our favourites from the shortlist to our clients, who then make the final decision around which ideas make the cut, and often add their own ideas.

Then we start planning, we allocate various content producers to the videos depending on their strengths – some are the best at recipes, others are better at vox pops on the street or filming funny vids, other producers create real life content on-site and interview founders of the business – the right people are assembled to create the best footage.

We coordinate the filming with our clients and step through the shoot to make sure we have all of the elements planned. Once the raw footage comes in we start to edit the videos and that’s when the magic happens! We get as many bites of the cherry as we can and always keep the footage on file for future clips. We then present the clips back to our clients to get their approval, accommodate any amends, then it’s show time! We carefully determine the best time to post – is it a Monday when commuters are on their way to work – or a Friday afternoon when they’re feeling playful, Is it before the weekly shop on a Saturday morning?

Once the videos are posted we watch them like a hawk, evaluating their strengths and when one takes off then *boom* we put a solid ad spend behind it to make it FLY.