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FMCG Photography & Videography

Grapevine is a leading provider of photography and videography for FMCG food and beverage brands. We ensure the essence of your brand is conveyed flawlessly through photography and videography. This includes recipe development and still photography, videography of recipes, food usages, farm content and personal interviews, together with powerful brand storytelling.

Capturing Your Brand with Excellence

High-quality visual content is crucial to successful marketing and PR campaigns for FMCG brands. We are passionate about quality food and beverage photography and videography that ensures your brand is captured in a way that resonates with your target audience. We have experience creating stunning visuals for everything from cheese to churros, nuts to noodles and everything in between.

Our Expertise in Product Photography and Videography

Grapevine offers a range of photography and videography services to capture the unique essence of a brand.

Food & Beverage Product Photography
Food & Beverage Product Videography
Studio and Location Shoots
Talent Sourcing

Custom Visual Strategies for FMCG Brands

Here at Grapevine we take a bespoke approach to creating high-quality visual content for FMCG products. Our tailored approach to your visual strategy ensures your brand is captured and presented to the world creatively and effectively.

Showcasing our Success in FMCG Imagery

We have more than 20 years of experience creating extraordinary visual content for food and beverage clients. Take a look at some of our best work!

Engaging Content, Measurable Results

Our photography and videography process begins with a client brief from which we can get our creative juices flowing.

Concept Development




Location sourcing








Impactful Product Imagery for Market Success

The stunning imagery our team creates not only captures attention but drives consumer engagement and sales.

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Average TikTok plays
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Average reach for a 10 video shoot

Begin Your Visual Storytelling with Grapevine

We will help you showcase your FMCG brand through striking and creative photography and videography. Get in touch today to start elevating your brand through compelling content.

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FAQs: Your Imagery Questions Answered

What services do you supply?

We cover all kinds of content, from interviews with the humans behind your brand, recipe videos, on-farm storytelling, restaurant photography and everything in between.

How do you decide what recipes to shoot?

In our experience consumers are looking for inspiration and ways to save time with quick recipe hacks, so we focus on super simple concepts that are easy to remember. We consider the season ahead of us focusing on comfort foods for
Winter and light foods for Summer, and factor in key shopping occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, BBQ Season etc.

We consider convenience, health with indulgence as key recipe drivers, and always ensure the hero ingredient is key. We also table what’s trending on socials, research competing content, and of course we welcome client input as part of the collaborative process. We also consider the purpose of the content so that we can stretch it as far as possible across they client’s website, search, brochures, trade shows and socials to name a few.

Are all of your content creators in-house?

We produce content to varying levels of production from smart phone photography and videography through to billboard and TV resolution depending on the brief. We have a team of in-house content creators and also work with professional photography and videography partners who we have been collaborating with for decades. Our little black book is second to none.

How long are the videos for social media?

Over the past few years we have seen consumer attention spans decrease, we used to aim for 30 second videos, however now some of our content is as short as 7 seconds.

The Latest Trends in FMCG Visual Content