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What does it take to be on TikTok?

There is a sentiment that we’re picking up at the moment amongst brand managers who all know they ‘should get on TikTok’ but don’t know where to start, don’t think they have the budget to commit to it, or even how to have a conversation with their boards about launching in the Wild West.

Knowing that they’re missing a trick is one thing, but few realise that TikTok has since become so mainstream that it has taken over Google as the number one search engine in the world.

The AFR recently reported that 8.5 Million Australians currently spend an average of 58 minutes a day on the platform, more than any other country in the world, yet few marketers are making the most of the First Mover Advantage that’s right in front of them.

There’s no denying it’s a hungry platform. In marketing terms it’s kind of like getting a tattoo on your face, you’ve got to be committed.

The content demands aren’t small and it’s not the type of platform where you can get away with repurposing videos. The content must be original and unique to the TikTok style in order to have a shot at going viral.  And what’s more it needs to be sincerely human which can often make corporate brands uncomfortable to say the least.

But once a brand gets into the rhythm of things it can be like poetry. The reward for effort is certainly there and once you start seeing the results you’ll never look at another media buy the same again.

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