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FMCG PR Services

We’re the best in the game when it comes to FMCG PR. Food and drink is our bread and butter and we have developed a reputation with the media as a PR agency that delivers. Every. Single. Time.

We have more than two decades of food and beverage PR experience, working with FMCG clients selling everything from mangoes to muesli, beer to burgers and everything in between. When you work with us you know you’re getting an agency with cutting-edge media intelligence paired with sharp pitching and strong relationships that result in successful campaigns that resonate.

Tailored PR Solutions for FMCG

Grapevine PR is an agency that specialises in the food and wine industry. We help challenger brands strategically and effectively communicate their offering and unique value proposition to generate awareness and, ultimately, increase sales. Our team is skilled, creative and agile, with a knowledge of the media landscape that is second to none. We will work with your brand to tailor a strategic PR campaign that meets the unique challenges and opportunities in the food and drink industry.

Our Comprehensive PR Services

Grapevine PR offers a range of PR services to help FMCG brands communicate their values and promote their products to a wider audience. We have offices in Melbourne and Sydney and work with clients all over the world.

Media Relations

We know who the right contacts are, what they want and how to get your product in their hands. We tailor our pitching to make it as enticing as possible for the media to promote your product to their audience.

Product Launches

We have worked on FMCG product launches for more than two decades and can tell you where your dollars are best spent to reach the most eyeballs in an effective way.

Event Management

Whether it’s a launch party or a corporate conference, a trade show or an intimate dinner, we know how to run events that get people talking about your product.

Influencer Partnerships

We have strong relationships with content creators across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok who we work with to deliver engaging campaigns that offer real value to everyone involved.

Crisis Management

We are here to help you to navigate issues and media crises to protect your reputation and long-term credibility.

Customised Approach to FMCG PR

We tailor our approach to your FMCG brand based on your needs. We are a boutique PR agency that punches far above our weight when it comes to fully customisable integrated campaigns that get your food and beverage brand noticed.

Success Stories in FMCG PR

We have worked across almost every single food and beverage category. Not only do we have bucket loads of FMCG experience, we’ve worked with numerous agriculture and hospitality companies, shaping our all-round expertise in the food and beverage industry.

Impactful Media Relations for FMCG

We have the right contacts, we know what they want and how to get your FMCG brand in front of them. We tailor our pitching to make it as enticing as possible for the media to promote your food and beverage product to their audience. From TV news bulletins to glossy magazines, daily newspapers to talk-back radio, we know how to get the media talking about your brand.

Deep dive to work out what you need and the best next steps.


Internal strategy workshop to develop the strategy.


Strategy refinement


Presentation of your bespoke marketing strategy based on our decades of food and beverage experience working with brands just like yours.


Driving Brand Recognition and Consumer Engagement

PR is vital when it comes to building trust and brand recognition. We develop PR strategies that effectively drive brand recognition and boost consumer engagement. Our goal is to increase your brand’s visibility and communicate your key messages with your target audience in the most cost-effective way.

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FAQs: Navigating Your PR Pathway

How do we get started? First we get to know you and your brand. We want to understand your needs and wants, your challenges and opportunities. From there we conduct our own research and then develop a comprehensive strategy to take your brand to the next level.

How do we tailor PR strategies for FMCG brands?

We work with you to identify what you need and then create an effective PR strategy that we know will work to get people talking about your brand.

Why invest in PR?

In a word, Trust. Nothing will build trust in a brand like third party endorsement – weather that’s through peer-to-peer word of mouth recommendations, editorial in the media, or genuine influencer endorsement, no other form of marketing will build trust
the way PR will, so we consider it a critical part of the marketing mix.

How are PR and social media interlinked?

We take an earned media approach to social media where we work to build consumer trust in the same way we would convince a journalist to write about a brand using integrity, fact, reasoning and relevance. Social media is a critical part of the stakeholder and comms landscape and in our opinion the two are completely intertwined.

Does PR offer good bang for buck?

We have done a lot of integrated campaign analysis over the years and every single time PR comes out on top. In the words of Bill Gates “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”

How does PR work?

Public relations is a lot more involved than many marketers realise. It’s kind of like getting a tattoo on your face, you have to be committed. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but when PR is integrated into your business magic happens – it forces you to innovate and reflect, and if you can convince a journalist of your pitch, then it’s a great acid test for convincing a customer. The most powerful companies in the world all have one thing in common, a serious commitment to PR because they know the importance of earning trust.

What’s involved in a PR campaign?

It begins with a deep dive and a comprehensive strategy where we take into consideration a million factors across the brand and media landscape. There’s often media training of key spokespeople, content creation, key messaging, goals, target audiences, product send outs and various phases to build a wall of noise. We drive the entire process so that it’s very straight forward for our clients, we will even help you to figure out your elevator pitch and crystallise your brand as part of the process.

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