European Cheeses Melbourne Media Lunch

European Cheese Melbourne Lunch

It was a day to “brie” inspired at Grapevine’s Melbourne Media Lunch for European Cheeses, held in the legendary Spring Street Grocer cheese cave.

Throughout 2015 Grapevine was commissioned to promote all things European Cheese with a number of promotional events including exhibiting at the Good Food & Wine Show, supermarket demonstrations and exclusive media lunches.

The Melbourne media lunch brought together top tier media across food and lifestyle publications, as well as key influential bloggers to enjoy an afternoon of more than a dozen varietals of authentic European cheeses with accompanying wines and charcuterie. Publications in attendance included Epicure Good Food, The Australian, Gourmet Traveller, 3AW, The Age and Melbourne’s biggest foodies including The World Loves Melbourne.

The event brought together Australia’s major cheese importers including Bongrain, Bel and Calendar Cheese to work together to promote European cheeses to Australian consumers, and showcase the incredible variety that is currently available in Australia. The lucky guests left the event with gifts bags filled with authentic European cheeses and goodies, including full-size samples of St Agur Blue, Camembert Le Rustique, Marcel Petite Comte, Will Studd Selected ‘Le Conquerant’ Camembert together with key messages on Europe’s artisanal cheese-making history.