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PR Consultation for Burnley Brewing

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For some of our smaller clients we offer a top line consulting service where we coach an internal staff member to execute the PR launch strategy directly with key stakeholders including media, internal staff and their social media community.

This way, clients save money on campaign costs (as most of the leg work is delivered internally) and yet still receive all of the strategic benefits, knowledge and advice as a full service campaign.

One example where this worked brilliantly was the opening of Burnely Brewing, an authentic brew pub in Richmond which was one of many venues owned by the three individuals involved in the joint venture.
Over a few months leading up to the launch date, we coached the group’s marketing coordinator through fortnightly meetings and telephone/email support in between, to help frame and edit press releases, create a social media style guide and launch strategy, offer media intel for relevant contacts, assist with pitching approaches, media follow up advice, internal stakeholder comms to staff as well as answer questions about the day-to-day campaign delivery.

This resulted in coverage in Broadsheet twice, The Age Epicure Good Food, Herald Sun Taste, as well as many beer publications, and most importantly, built meaningful working relationships between the client and key media contacts relevant to their craft. In addition, Burnley Brewing’s social media channels launched with terrific content and brand positioning, helping to work as a key portal for customers planning to visit the venue.

Upon completion of the campaign, Burnley Brewing had an additional six months of activities planned out in advance including reaching out to local influencers, promoting events and running publicity and social media campaigns for the other venues, which we are certain the marketing coordinator will deliver with finesse, after such quality training.