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How do your products’ nutritional information panels (NIPs) stand up to new government guidelines?

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As part of an on ongoing battle to educate consumers about how to choose healthy foods at the supermarket, a number of state governments have released consumer reference guides identifying ‘good’ and ‘ok’ levels of total fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. The quick cards, which are part of the Live Lighter campaign, have been distributed throughout doctors offices and health centres in order to tackle obesity at the source of diagnosis.

The crux of the nutrition guide states that foods with more than 10g of fat, 15g of sugar and 400mg of salt (per 100g) are not ok – you can download the at-a-glance guide here.

From a marketing perspective, it is important to asses what this means for your products. If your company has gone the extra mile to ensure you are providing consumers with quality health products that are low in salt, sugar and fat, this campaign could help see those efforts pay off and show consumers what your brand has to offer in the health space.

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