Grapevine Shortlists the Top 3 Foodie TED Talks

With so much inspiring content, it was hard to choose, but we have taken a vote and selected our three favourite TED Talks that centre on what we see as an imperative theme: food and our future – a topic which will ultimately affect and require adaptation from everyone, including brands, businesses, home cooks and chefs alike.

1. Dan Barber: A foie gras parable

Dan Barber, renowned chef and sustainable farming guru, shows how returning to simpler, more natural farming and agricultural practices can be the answer to a more viable food system.

Barber tells a charming and poignant story about a farmer in Spain who has found a humane way to produce foie gras – a typically controversial item. He poses the idea that the most ethological food choices are also the most ecological and – good news for us – delicious choices.

2. Graham Hill: Weekday Vegetarian

This Ted Talk is short and to the point. Graham Hill, founder of, makes a convincing argument for vegetarianism – well, partial vegetarianism.

Rather than polarise being a meat eater or vegetarian, Hill suggests we meet in the middle by following the “weekday vegetarian” diet, which is exactly what it sounds like. That means eat whatever you want on the weekend, and 70% of your diet would still be vegetarian, drastically decreasing your carbon footprint, saving you money, making you healthier and helping the environment. After all, if each of us ate even half even the meat we do now, it would be as if half of us were full vegetarians. That’s some good food for thought.

3. Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat

New York Times food journalist Mark Bittman highlights some of the more onerous elements of the globe’s food problems in this talk, stressing how important it is that we shift our diets from less meat and junk food to more vegetables.

In order to deal with the current health crisis, we must cut back on energy production, carbon emissions and disease, and Bittman sees changing our diets as the only available path to get there.