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Grapevine Ranks Top 20 Emerging Food Brands


After a much-heated discussion, the Grapevine team took a vote internally to determine the very best emerging food brands. Our assessment was based on associations of trust, love, feel-good, design and health. Ultimately, we settled on the following top 20 list of kick-butt brands – be sure to keep and eye out for what these guys are up to in the coming year!

  1. Messina
  2. Mayver’s
  3. The Source Bulk Foods
  4. Allpress Espresso
  5. Meredith Dairy
  6. Chur Burger
  7. Chamellia
  8. Amazonia
  9. Inside Out Nutritious Goods
  10. The Chia Co
  11. Cobbs Popcorn
  12. Loving Earth
  13. Pressed Juices
  14. Mörk Chocolate
  15. Tamar Valley Dairy
  16. Istra Smallgoods
  17. Nutty Bruce
  18. Bourke Street Bakery
  19. The Soda Press Co
  20. Thank You