Content Creation

FINALLY… Instagram launches advertising capabilities through Facebook


In 2015, Instagram trialled its in-feed advertising function in Australia with just a small group of exclusive, major brands having access to the function. Recently, the platform became available to all, meaning brands now have a new tool to increase visibility and influence.


Given that we work on Instagram every day, we’re pretty happy about this news – not only is this social platform growing immensely in popularity, it is the the go-to channel for sharing stories and images for food brands. In other words, it’s our territory.


Until this point, one of the main challenges with growing Instagram followers organically has been that the platform is not set up for users to easily ‘share’ content with their audience, as they can on say, Facebook. Unless you have been buying fans from dodgy internet sites, options for expanding reach have been limited.


One alternative option has been paid endorsements with key social media influencers. With loyal followers who are quick to shadow their lead, these influencers can bring valuable attention to brands. While this approach will remain widely, brands may see the newly available, steadfast option of traditional advertising as a more secure investment.


That is fair enough. With increasing availability of social media monetisation across the board, we have seen many brands struggle if they aren’t working with a decent advertising spend. Often, much time and energy is put into producing really good content, but unless there is cash to underwrite these activities, the return on investment for the effort is low.


All of that being said, it is still crucial to build a consistent and authentic brand through organic content first ­– throwing a bunch of money behind a weak social campaign won’t suffice. The combination of quality content and ad spend or paid endorsements is the recipe for successful growth social growth. Sorry Instagram Husbands, this is not the end to your suffering.


We have been working with a number of our clients to trial the new functionality of advertising on Instagram through Facebook. We are already seeing some limitations with the early release, but even the basic capability is a great improvement in allowing our food brands to showcase their recipes, provenance stories, product positioning and humanised selfies to a broader, relevant audience.